You’ve probably heard someone call themselves an esthetician before, but maybe you don’t know what they do! An esthetician is someone who is licensed to help people improve their skincare. This covers an array of things such as makeup, facials, waxing, and more!

Discover more about what an esthetician is and how you can become one.

What Can an Esthetician Student Learn?

Typically, those who want to become estheticians need to go to school to learn the required materials to sit for their state boards. There’s plenty to learn as an esthetics student and depending on which state you live in there are different requirements. American Barber and Beauty Academy requires students to have 400 hours to graduate, however only 225 hours are needed to sit for the state boards.

Here are some things you can learn as an esthetician student:

  • Professional practices and behavior
  • Skin sciences
  • Facial treatments
  • Hair removal
  • Makeup
  • State laws and regulations

An esthetics program is an amazing opportunity to pursue a career in skincare and do something that you love! It’s important to get your license from a school that can help you succeed. Estheticians can learn more about the products that they use, learn the business side of how to provide good customer services, and even how to promote themselves as estheticians.

What Does an Esthetician Do?

A career as an esthetician can be very rewarding. It’s an opportunity to have a job that doesn’t feel like work! Estheticians do a lot for their clients and patients that they see. Here are a few things that you might love if you pursue a future in skincare!

  • Helping people who struggle with acne become more comfortable in their skin.
  • Educating clients on the importance of regular and healthy skincare habits.
  • Helping treat a variety of skin disorders and showing people that there is so much to love about their skin.
  • Helping people on their journey towards self-love, wellness, and relaxation.
  • Working in the beauty industry where you get to have a positive impact on people’s lives.

woman putting skincare product on

Where Can an Esthetician Work?

There are a variety of career opportunities available for those who want to work in the field of skincare. The skincare industry is expected to grow 11% in the years 2018 to 2028, which is much faster than the average occupation according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Here are some places that you can work when you’re a skincare specialist!

  • Salon or spa
  • Salon or spa manager or owner
  • Cruise ships
  • Your own business
  • Resorts or hotels
  • Health and personal care stores
  • Medical offices

With the industry growing, skincare specialists can expect even more job opportunities to arise.

Why Choose American Barber and Beauty Academy?

At American Barber and Beauty Academy, we can help you pursue your dreams in the beauty industry with a focus on skincare. We can show you the endless opportunities you can grab with an esthetician license. We’ve also just moved to our brand new location and we’d love to give you a tour of it!

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