Becoming a cosmetologist is a dream that many people who want to join the beauty industry have! It’s a creative career that can lead to many different paths that someone with an interest in hair, skin, or nails can pursue. If you’ve ever thought about a career in cosmetology, we’ve got an inside look as to what a cosmetologist does!

What Can a Cosmetologist Do?

A cosmetologist can do many different things in the world of hair, skin, and nails. They can learn the ins and outs of how to give clients beautiful haircuts, healthy skincare routines, and even manicures and pedicures. At American Barber and Beauty Academy, we prepare our students to be well-rounded so they can pursue wherever their dreams take them.

Here are just a few things you can do as a cosmetologist:

  • Work professionally with clients
  • Use chemistry and science to work with hair coloring and texturing
  • Shampoo and condition hair
  • Shape and style beautiful hairstyles
  • Give facials and other skincare services
  • Give manicures and pedicures
  • Perform temporary hair removal services like waxing
  • Assess hair and skin needs and give solutions using products and routines
  • Provide makeup services for all different types of occasions

Every day looks different depending on what career you choose to pursue after school! And there’s even more to the life of a cosmetologist than what you see on the surface. A lot of cosmetologists have to learn skills in customer services, work with a team, practice their creativity as well as balancing doing what they love while making clients happy.

woman blow drying another woman's hair

What Careers Can a Cosmetologist Have?

There are many different careers you can pursue as a cosmetologist! Making sure you go to a school that will prepare you for your dreams is important to reaching your goals.

Here are a few suggestions of goals you could pursue with a license in cosmetology. You could:

  • Be a salon manager or owner
  • Work behind the chair at a salon
  • Become an editorial stylist
  • Work as a brand or product representative
  • Build a following on social media and become an influencer
  • Work on a cruise ship or at luxury resorts
  • Work as a special occasions stylist
  • And more

The career growth rate for cosmetologists is faster than average at 8% from the years 2018 to 2028. This is exciting for those entering the field of beauty as there could be many opportunities opening doors for their futures.

a nail tech filing down nails

How Can I Become a Cosmetologist?

Before you can learn or do any of these things on a professional level, you’ll want to go to cosmetology school yourself! There’s plenty to learn and practice before you can sit for the state boards and receive your cosmetology license, but choosing a good school can help you along your journey!

First, you’ll want to find the right school for you by taking a tour and applying. Next, you’ll want to complete a cosmetology program that is approved by an accrediting board like NACCAS and sit for your state exam. After all your training and if you pass your boards, you’re ready to jump headfirst into your dream of becoming a beauty professional.

How Can I Get Started?

We can help walk you through the specific steps of how to become a cosmetologist in Pennsylvania when you give us a call or fill out a form. We’d love to show you around our brand-new school location as well as get to know you and your beauty school goals. Give us a call and ask us when our next start date is. We can’t wait to help you get started!